China Photo albums

Photo albums are not shown in any particular order. They are sorted in alphabetic order representing major sights we saw during the trip.

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Bang Fu Chun Pearl Store

Banpo Village Remains

Beijing Tibet Hospital

Big Goose Pagonda ( Dyanta)

China Art Factory

China Town - Shanghai

Dr Tea in Bejing

Furniture Factory - Xian

Guilin - General Pictures

Huaqing Hot Springs - Xian

Jade Factory outside Beijing

Lijiang River

Peking Opera

Red Flute Cave near Guilin

Ri Tan Park Bejing

Shanghai - misc pictures

Shanghai Acrobatics

Shanghai Museum

Sishanyuan Silk in Bejing

Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)

Tang Dancing in Xian

Temple of Heaven

The Forbidden City

The Terracotta Army

The Great Wall

Tiananmen Square

Wuzheen Town in Zhejiang

Xian City Wall

Xian Hua Hui Folk-craft Centre

Yuyuan Garden